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Information on Icey Mike and Kimbo Slice

It seems Mike Imber has been on Slice team from the very beginning going as far back as to his number #1 back yard fight and through his days as an unrecognized street fighter in which he made a name for himself in 305.

Mike Imber has been there as Slice sidekick from the very beginning. Mike Imber was also, there clapping for the 6′ 2″, 225 lbs, Slice on his professional boxing appearance in which he came out victorious.

Mike Imber

There’s no skepticism that Mike Imber and Slice are spectacular sidekicks that only contribute to each others success.Slice has been coached for several months now and there’s plenty coming up for the brawler in the near future. With Mike Imber on his side, this is a union to be count noses. Not only are they buds that have support but it’s certain that these two are on the frame of thought and have made the perfect brew for success.